Traditional Film Photography Shooting with Model Yen in Würzburg

This spring in March I decided to shoot one roll of film and then develop it by myself again. Last year I started working on film again but was a little scared something could go wrong developing myself – but the results I got from big laboratories were sometimes so bad, that I thought I can do that better.

So I bought some chemicals, and realized that this is just like riding a bike – once you have learned it you never forget. And I did develop many films in the 80s….

Traditional film photography has its rewards, especially in black and white.

I used some very basic equipment for that photo shoot – just an old Canon EOS 100 with an old 1.8 50 mm lens. The film was an AGFA APX 100 black and white film. It was the original one (made by AGFA in Germany) not the one with the new emulsion.

I developed it in Adonal/Rodinal 1:50 and was happy with the result:

I also testet an Adox Golf Camera I purchased last year (but with an Ilford HP5 plus developed in Kodak HC-110) with a 120 film.